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Club Penguin Archives is a site dedicated to preserving Club Penguin's history by archiving the files that made up the game since December 12, 2010. This site is a part of the Club Penguin Wiki Network.

History, part of a Club Penguin cheats forum and blog, was the primary source of old SWFs until it was taken down in December 2010. Refractor compressed a copy of the site before the shut down, and Tux uploaded the mirror to the server and created the Club Penguin Archives Wiki as part of the (then just a month old) Club Penguin Wiki Network.

In these early times, ClubPenguinMaster was the main editor and administrator on Archives for years until mid-2012, when a few new users from the across network began to edit. More new users continue to join Archives, and the file count began to significantly rise. To adjust for the growing community in the Fall of 2012, three new administrators were promoted. Along with the "revived" administration came was the "foreign language project", which urged users to upload SWFs of all languages rather than just English.

By the end of 2012, Archives had a small but active community and was appropriately renamed to Club Penguin Archives with a new main page and logo in time for the wiki's second anniversary. Archives would also end up seeing the promotion of their first bureaucrat (ClubPenguinMaster) at Cp kid's request to Network staff to help Archives become a bit more dependent. In May 2015, we continued to expand Archives' library by also including JSONs and Club Penguin app's files.

However, nothing is meant to last forever, on March 29, 2017, Club Penguin was closed down in favor of the new Club Penguin Island, and a few weeks later on April 12, 2017, the Club Penguin media database was taken down. Despite these conclusions, the mission of Club Penguin Archives continues to this day.


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